The holiday season is not only a time for giving; it’s also a time for taking.  Yes, it’s sad but true.  While you may be thinking of ways to spread holiday cheer, there are those among us plotting and scheming of ways to separate you from your money and all of your holiday purchases.

But don’t fret!

Here are some tips to keep those sticky fingers from ruining your holiday spirit and your holiday shopping.

1. Opt For a Debit Card Or Credit Card Instead of Shopping With Cash: You can’t recoup stolen or lost cash, but you can cancel a lost or stolen debit or credit card.

2. Create “ a Holiday” Wallet: Find a wallet that you normally don’t use and make it your “holiday” wallet. In this wallet, keep the bare minimum: one or two pieces of identification, your credit or debit card, coupons, and your shopping list(s). Keep your real wallet, with all of your important documents, at home for safekeeping.

3. Go Shopping with a Crew and During The Day: You are less of a target when you shop with someone and during the day. Thieves are less likely to do their dirty work with the light of day on your side and the threat of a positive identification.

4. Take A Big Bag With You:  When doing heavy duty shopping, you run the risk of not only looking like a “bag lady,” but also losing or leaving a purchase somewhere without realizing it. To ensure that all of your purchases make it their final destinations (i.e. the back of your car) bring one or two bags from home that will be big enough to hold everything that you buy in a centralized place.

5. Pay Attention When At the Register: The only job that you have, once you get to the register, is to ensure that no funny business transpires. Pay attention so you know how much you are being charged, that they return your credit card, debit card, or correct change, and that you leave with what you bought.  Refrain from texting, talking, or any activity that could distract you.  Your beau, cousin, sister-girl, and mama can wait until you get home to talk!


Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh was one of the most popular personalities in reality television; however, five seasons of reality TV didn’t prepare Neffe for the trials and tribulations of her life after the camera stopped. In her new book Price I Paid, Neffe reflects on her past as she works to rebuild her present for the future of her children.  We caught up with Neffe  to talk about her new book and future endeavors.

Price I Paid is ________________________ .
An inspirational, motivational, life changing, real, raw and uncut account of my life and the sacrifices I made leaving reality TV for two years.

Did writing Price I Paid give you clarity in your life?
Yes, it did more than give me clarity. Writing the book made me face myself and the things I did not want to deal with. I had to come to grips with how the sacrifices I made deeply affected me and my family and changed our lives.

What do you want readers to take away from reading Price I Paid?
I want each and every reader to be able to embrace their struggles and know that they can get through them and not feel like they are alone because they are not. I want them to take away the positive things from my book and apply them to their lives so hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

The biggest misconception about Neffe is ___________________________?
That I am ghetto, violent, and a drunken mother with 5 kids that don’t care about herself [sic] and wants to live off of her sister.

How did the partnership between you and Talk Dat Ish Books come about?
I had been following Tionna on Twitter for a while now; not to mention enjoying From What Chilli Wants and her other media endeavors. My friend Dariel told me that she is such a great person to work with and she’s real so of course she was the first person I thought of when I decided to finally release my book. I gave her a call and within 30 minutes of us talking we were “connected”. She’s great and I love her team. I could have gone to a bigger publishing company but something in me always goes for the underdog because it is the underdog who wins. Furthermore, I believe she deserves a chance and I thank her humbly for this opportunity. I’m just ready to see where we will go from here!

What is next for Neffeteria?
Movies!!! I want to be on a movie set. I want to see what it takes to make a movie. At the end of the day I may not be the best actress but I’m not opposed to trying! Outside of that, I want my husband and I to continue to get involved and perhaps be spokespersons for different charities that benefit abandoned children, battered women, rape victims and the like to help bring awareness to what’s going on in our society. Not only do I want to work with the different charities but I also want to work directly with the victims. I also want to do radio a radio show some time in the near future

Check out a sample of Price I Paid here, and order an autographed copy of the book by heading over to Talk Dat Ish Books today. Price I Paid is also available for your Kindle and Nook!


A Pleasure Revolution: Jade Eggs

When my sister-friend, Jeniece, asked me to share my experiences using the jade egg, I wasn’t sure how to begin. How do you share with folks, that aren’t those closest to you, that you put stones in your ‘holiest of holies’? While mulling this over, I caught Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle video, and it got me thinking: What could I share about wearing eggs? How about my deepening relationship with pleasure? How about how these stones have opened me up to a whole new realm of possibilities because of this? I decided ‘pleasure’ would be a good place to begin.

Pleasure was not something that I had ever really paid attention to. For me, it was simply the opposite of what I felt when living in that restrictive space as a woman that cannot always be avoided. Working with these stones has me tapping into what has become the antidote to grinding, missing sleep, being stressed out or needing to think like anything but a woman. Inserting stones has brought me a deeper connection with the powerful, feminine, and molten-hot core of me and has enhanced my quest to get all the satisfaction that I can in this life.

Paying special attention to and inserting these eggs into the part of my body that is not only designated to bring life to the planet—that is also equipped with an amazing and unique apparatus created exclusively for the experience of pleasure—has not only opened me to experiencing the most delicious climax, but I have come closer to the potent possibility of passion which is leading me on a satisfying exploration of the landscape that is Me.

I am willing and wanting to share what I have discovered about the necessity of pleasure. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of what pleases me, in all ways, I’m understanding like never before what lights me up and ignites me, thrilling me until my toes to curl!

Jade Eggs a.k.a. stone eggs, crystal eggs, or yoni eggs are egg-shaped stones that range in size and are made from polished gemstones such as jade, quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, obsidian and amethyst to name a few. Traditionally jade eggs were used by Asian women to tighten up their vaginal muscles after childbirth. These women also knew that they didn’t need to think like men as the eggs were useful for helping a woman feel more grounded, centered and more in tune with her unique and feminine sensuality. And that they also gave an amazing massage—from the inside.
Unlike sex toys, stone or crystal eggs will also help a woman maintain healthy reproductive organs preventing incontinence. They have also been shown to increase the flow of sexual hormones, such as oxycontin, helping to tighten vaginal muscles and producing stronger orgasms. It should also be mentioned that continued use of the eggs can heighten sensitivity and responsiveness of the ‘G-spot’.

You can insert an egg or eggs for an hour or a whole day, which is how I usually wear mine, and every so often I slide the egg or eggs up and down, squeezing and releasing and enjoying my sensual secret. Once the egg is inside you, it’s being held in by the vaginal sphincter muscle so it cannot disappear; besides, the tiny opening of the cervix won’t allow for that. There are exercises that you can do that I’ve heard some refer to as their “sexual kung-fu.” Plus there is this feeling of pleasurable aliveness that has been life changing; in fact, I was wearing mine taking care of some mobile phone business and thrilled my male technician so much he took $150 off my plan…HELLO!

I highly recommend the pursuit of pleasure and the choosing of activities that amplify this feeling. Using an egg is a great way to bring more pleasure into your life. Not to mention that by using the eggs to ‘train’ your love muscle, you will not only have a SUPER VAJAYJAY, you just might find yourself really living in that essential, hot, molten core of your sizzling feminine self.


Medical Assistant turned Philanthropist, Turquoise Johnson is the Owner and Founder of Hairless 4 Her Awareness Inc. {H4HAInc.} After the passing of her elementary school teacher in 2010 of Metastatic breast cancer, Turquoise got the drive and ambition to start a non-profit organization in honor of her teacher and the many patients she met while working as a Medical Assistant. After getting laid off from her job in March 2011 Turquoise took her first unemployment check and started the organization.

Hairless 4 Her Awareness acknowledges that breast cancer awareness expands far beyond the month of October. 365 days a year, Hairless 4 Her Awareness is committed to:

  • Providing close support for women with breast cancer and their families
  • Promoting public awareness and early detection through educational outreach
  • Assisting women without health coverage gain access to screenings and/or treatment

I recently spoke with Turquoise to discuss her campaign and upcoming events for the foundation.

Hairless 4 Her Awareness is ___________________.
H4HA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization that was put in place to promote the awareness of breast cancer through visual campaigns. Hairless 4 Her Awareness is the mission of my life. God sometimes gives what is for us in a whisper and if you ignore the whisper the brick wall will fall and I chose not to let mine fall.

I found out about your organization through someone sharing these awesome pictures on Instagram, can you tell me more about your “Save the Women Not the Boobies” campaign?
“SAVE THE WOMEN NOT THE BOOBIES” is a campaign that I founded because while volunteering I kept hearing people say “Save the boobies” and “Save The Ta-Tas” and it bothered me because Karen Williams would have given her breast for her life. What I wish to do with this campaign is to empower women who are battling breast cancer to know that life is more important than the beauty of your breast. It’s 2012 we can buy new ones.

How can people get involved?
I honestly believe people should shift their attention towards saving lives and not so much finding a cure, if that makes sense? We are in the age and time of technology, if a cure is to be found I think we would have it already. Millions of dollars have been raised in the name of breast cancer, and still NO cure!? People should volunteer with their local cancer centers and help raise money for those who are treating the uninsured.

“We may not be able to change who is poor, but we can change how people are treated when they are poor” Dr. Harold Freedman, Ralph Lauren cancer center, NY

Can you tell me more about your upcoming event Zumba 4 a Cause?
Zumba 4 A Cause was planned to promote physical health and fitness. It is also an event where women can come and be positive and have fun in the name of cancer awareness. We are now being asked if this will be annual, and I believe now it will.

On a personal note, this month makes 3 years since my mother passed from breast cancer. I watched my mother battle cancer on three occasions starting around the age of 32. I didn’t realize how young she was at the time, but looking back my mom was a trooper. She lived with one breast for over 20 years and was more than happy to give up the second breast when she had to fight for her life for the third time. My mother fought her battle in silence, so I like her, have never participated in a walk or been involved with great organizations like Hairless 4 Her Awareness, Inc. But I plan to…baby steps…

To learn more about Hairless 4 Awareness, Inc. or attend one of their upcoming events visit


DVR Alert: ESPN 30 for 30 – Benji 1984

The new season of ESPN 30 for 30 has been one for the books. Kicking the season off with Broke , which highlighted the dark side of success and ill-fated financial decisions that many professional athletes make set the stage for things to come…and ESPN has yet to disappoint.

Tonight, the cutting edge content duo Coodie & Chike direct the story of Ben “Benji” Wilson, the Chicago rising basketball star who’s life and story was cut short by senseless violence. Check out the trailer for tonight’s episode and make sure to set your DVRs.