What’s Your Worth?

A few weeks ago, one of my girlfriends received a very nice piece of jewelry. Across all forms of social networking, she posted a picture and shouted out her “babe.”  Wait. It wasn’t an engagement ring, just an “I love you” gift which as we all know is very sweet and much appreciated.  So, the ohhhhs and ahhhhs were coming in and I’m sure my friend was excited about that too. We’re talking one day and I mentioned the gift and she’s gushing like any other excited girlfriend when she says, “I’ve been looking for it everywhere but I can’t find it.” I get the confused look on my face and ask her what she’s talking about. In reply she says, “The price. I’ve been all over the website and I’ve been googling the model but I can’t find it anywhere. He told me where he bought it but its not coming up.”


I asked what purpose does that serve and after a few responses of “I don’t know,” my girl tells me that she wants to know “what she’s worth” to her man.  While I knew that was the answer, I wanted her to be honest with herself about why she was driving herself insane to find the price of a piece of jewelry that (1) no matter the final price, was not cheap and (2) came from the heart.  As we were talking, I told her that if she found out the price and it was about $100 or less, she’d think he didn’t care for her as much as she thought he should…based on the price.  She said she just wanted to know or see that materially speaking, she wanted to see that his love measured up. I sighed. She asked if she was being shallow. I responded that while I think it’s very silly and a way to set herself up for something that could backfire on her, I don’t know that its shallow.

I’m led to think about how many women believe that the money a man spends on a piece of jewelry (for the sake of conversation, let’s exclude engagement and wedding rings) equates to how he feels about her. A small poll (I emailed and BBMed friends and asked around my office) around the office showed that about 95% of the women didn’t feel that the money a man spent on a piece of jewelry showed her worth to him. As an aside, however, they did feel a totally different way if it came to engagement rings (remember, keep that out of this one).  The ladies believe that jewelry for the most part is just that and for them its just mroe sentimental. Plus, with the economy being the way it is, they would never expect something expensive. There only hope would be is that it was from the heart.

So…just what is IT about a woman’s worth? Should you be concerned if your man picks up a little something from Walmart or Target versus Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s?  What if he paid $99 but the regular price was $600? Then what?

Is what a man spends an indication of his woman’s worth?

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