Be a Part of Something Big for a Small Investment

Many of you have been following the success of the “Get ‘Em Girls” since we started this journey in 2007 with the release of our self-published cookbook, The Get ‘Em Girls’ Guide to Unlocking the Power of Cuisine. Some of our followers have even confided in us that we’ve inspired them to pursue their own dreams — and for that, we feel like all of the trials, ups and downs were not in vain. So, when we decided that the next step in our journey would be to open our flagship cupcakery, we shared it with all of you! We’ve posted pictures, shared design boards, and the hunt for a space with our Facebook friends — so it’s only fair that now that we’ve come to a crossroad, we would bring to who else?

Imagine you are in midst of build-out, picking out floor tiles and paint shopping when you discover one of your investors has backed out…record scratch!  Construction came to a complete halt in our dream store and we are now in need of funding to finish the most important phase of the build-out; the kitchen — so we need your help to finish construction and get the doors to the Cupcake Suite open very soon! has started a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get the funding they need to turn a small start into a big finish. The website offers an online “crowdfunding” platform which is a way to raise money by attracting many small donations from a large group (friends, family, professional contacts) to meet a funding goal.  In exchange for your donations you will receive great gifts like baked goods, private cooking classes and catered 3 course meals.

So check out our video and make a donation today…every penny counts

Cupcake Suite Construct from Jeniece Isley on Vimeo.

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  • donna October 20, 2010, 8:32 am

    I love how positive you guys are about this oppose to freaking out! I will be contributing soon as I’m able to financially.

    And in case you aren’t aware, there are also investment sites similar to what peerbackers is offering. The difference would be lenders in the business who will get a certain percentage of interest back (I believe) on the loan oppose to donators.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on such a site so I forget url’s but thought I’d mention in event you guys wanted to do a search on it. I just recall there being pretty big investors and the whole concept is set up for the safety of the investor/investee so may get you to your goal faster.

  • Arlice Nichole October 20, 2010, 11:00 am

    Hell yeah! I’ve been dreaming of this for you ladies ever since I heard about it, and I’ve had numerous visions of me enjoying your cupcakery and cafe (coffee & cupcakes, so smart!) on my next visit. So please, I’m in!

    Look for my first donation next week! Let’s get ‘em girls! ;