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Last night BET premiered their annual RIP the Runway fashion show, hosted by Supermodel Selita E. Banks and The Game’s Pooch Hall. Fashion and music combined on the runaway to produce amazing performances by Estelle, Diggy Simmons, Lil Kim, Meek Mill, Wale, B.O.B. and Robin Thicke and fashion from great designers/labels like Monif C. , Sammy B., Joyrich, Marc Bouwer, Black Apple NYC, A.K.O.O.

After watching the amazing show we caught up with last nights models Liris Crosse @lirisc, Sabrina Athena @SabrinaAthena, Chasity Saunders @MsKlassyChassy and segment host Rae Holliday @RaeHolliday of fashion blog to ask them a couple of fashion questions

What is your favorite fashion must have?
@RaeHolliday: “Wow, it’s pretty hard to narrow it down! If I must, I’d say an amazing watch! Guys don’t have as many accessory options as the ladies, but this is one staple that always shines bright with any outfit. Ladies, every woman must have an excellent black pair of heels. They are the ultimate must have, you’ll never go wrong in a pair.

@SabrinaAthena: MY harem pants. They’re comfy, completely versatile for day or night and anybody can pull this look off with a little creativity. I have them in solids, patterns, different materials, you name it!

@MsKlassyChassy: A fierce shoe! The higher the heel the closer to heaven!

@Lirisc: A great fitting pair of jeans, since you can dress them up or down!

Name three things a model must have to “Rip the Runway?”
@SabrinaAthena: A: Personality! For this fashion show it’s more than just the clothes, the people want to see your “swag” too. It’s encouraged for us to bring our charisma to the stage. B: Patience! It gets hectic backstage and sometimes it’s not easy to just wait. Every model has to develop tough skin to successfully work in this industry; patience is something that is developed over time. C: Professionalism. Working with some of your most admired celebrities can be very exciting; however, we have to bear in mind that we are in fact WORKING. Remaining professional at all times is imperative, you never know who is watching you, especially back stage. Models get called out all the time.

@RaeHolliday: Attitude, confidence and a great walk! The attitude is the most important, because with the right attitude and determination, everything else falls into place.

@Lirisc: A fierce walk, presence and a unique or gorgeous face.

@MsKlassyChassy: 1. A fierce runway strut and confidence! 2. A well-equipped model bag and proper undergarments
3. A fabulous attitude and positive personality! It shows on camera and will help everyone have a great show including stage hands, designers, producers and crew!

Who is your favorite fashion icon and stylist?

@MsKlassyChassy: That’s tough because you have tons of favorites! Beyonce, Halle, but I have to go with J. Lo overall as my favorite fashion icon because she is very aware of how high the stakes are; she understands fashion and branding and she always gets it right! My favorite stylist is June Ambrose! Hands down, no explanation needed! She’s Haute Couture wrapped in skin, effortlessly!

If you were styling a woman for a first date what would you recommend she wear?
@RaeHolliday: I would definitely NOT reveal too much. The objective of the first date is to really get to know your date; that can’t happen effectively if your boobs are talking to him at the same time or your thong is peeking out at him throughout the night. I would suggest something form-fitting that leaves much to the imagination, this way you keep it classy and mysterious.

What is your fashion must have for a first date or if you were trying to catch a guy’s eye.
@Lirisc: A sexy but classy dress. Something fitting and above the knee (not too tight and not too short). Pair that with a smile and wit to make for great dinner conversation!

@SabrinaAthena: For me it’s lip gloss/moisturizer. One of my personal favorite features are my lips, and I want them to look luscious and kissable (even if I decide I don’t want to kiss after all).

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